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Kura/Raspberry Pi

Installing and Running

  • Kura depends on several Linux packages available in the Raspbian repository. These packages are:
    • hostapd - Services for access point management.
    • bind9 - Services for DNS management.
    • isc-dhcp-server - Set of tools for managing a DHCP server.
    • iw - Set of wireless tools.
    • monit - System monitoring service.
    • dos2unix - Tool for converting files written in Windows to Linux format.
    • telnet - user interface to the TELNET protocol.
  • Each of these packages is available in the Raspbian repository and can be installed via:
sudo apt-get install <package_name>
  • Download correct .deb you need from Download Page
  • To install Kura, copy the Debian package to the Raspberry pi (ex: /tmp).
  • Install Kura 1.3.0 by running:
sudo dpkg -i kura_1.3.0_raspberry-pi-2-nn_installer.deb
  • Once installation is complete, Kura can be started by restarting the Raspberry or:
sudo /etc/init.d/kura start
  • The status of Kura can be monitored by viewing the log file (ex: tail -f /var/log/kura.log).

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