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Date & time: 2016-09-20, 13:00 UTC


  • Cristiano De Alti
  • Matteo Maiero
  • Chris Custine
  • Jens Reimann


  • Discussed PR situation and reviewed smaller PRs
  • Reviewed PR from Chris for Fedora support
  • Discussed CQ and copyright issues
    • Make separate call for copyright issues
    • Need more CQs for NSIS, possible use of WIX instead
    • Need to evaluate the use of MingW
  • Discussed project plan, missing release information
    • Kura release 2.1.0 is still not scheduled
    • Release information is still missing
    • Release will need to be at least 8 weeks in the future
    • At least one stable milestone build is needed
  • Talked about the code formatter style
    • Go with more Eclipse oriented style
    • Announce upcoming change on kura-dev mailing list
    • Plan for a day on which the "develop" branch will be re-formatted
  • Discussed upstream/downstream development of Kura -> needs further discussion

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