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Date & time: 2016-09-06, 13:00 UTC


  • David Woodard
  • Cristiano De Alti
  • Matteo Maiero
  • Jens Reimann


  • We discussed the possibility to go with Equinox 3.8.1 and 3.11.0 in parallel. Equinox 3.8.1 should be used to validate that a (to be defined) core set of Kura still works on Equinox 3.8.1
  • Clarified the use of the "jdeps" build step
  • Information regarding next Kura release 2.1 (changes, targets, bug fixes, …) will be provided by Eurotech
  • Eurotech will provide and check in an Eclipse code formatter file which should be used
  • Changes limited to Kura Camel will directly be pushed to the "develop" branch
  • Discussed the approach of developing changes first in a forked, public repository and merging them in later. Seemed OK as long as personal public forks are used, the changes are small and the development process stays open and transparent. Developing bigger features in a private team repository seems like a bad idea.

Follow up

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