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Date & time: 2016-08-23, 13:00 UTC


  • David Woodard
  • Cristiano De Alti
  • Matteo Maiero
  • Jens Reimann


  • #324, Code Style -> Eurotech provided formatter and cleanup settings as a base for discussion
  • Cloud Service Factory -> Cristiano will provide a proposal on how to solve the issue that currently there are code changes necessary to make use of the new CloudService instances and that service instances get mixed up if no filter is used at all.
  • Supported targets, Eurotech will provide a list of supported targets (platform, OS) for Kura. This list will be present in each branch in the GitHub repository and valid for that branch, so that we have a target for testing
  • Handling of breaking changes
    • Currently there is no end-of-life policy for Kura
    • This does not allow to implement breaking changes
    • Eurotech will come up with a proposal on how to solve this for future releases
  • Screenshot for Camel documentation -> Jens will update screenshots, changes get directly pushed to "gh-pages"
  • Project meta data update -> Eurotech provides information, Jens will fill in necessary information into PMI
  • Peer review of changes:
    • Create pull requests (PR)
    • Announce PR on mailing list
    • If PRs don't get reviewed, it will get discussed in the weekly project call

Follow up

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