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Date & time: 2016-08-09, 13:00 UTC


  • David Woodard
  • Cristiano De Alti
  • Matteo Maiero
  • Jens Reimann


  • Discussed open issues: #265, #314, #221, #189
  • #265 -> Stay with rhiot logo
  • [Jens] Make a proof-of-concept PR to download artifacts from Eclipse download area instead of GitHub hosted custom Maven repository and create final P2 repository during the build
  • #324, Code Style -> Eurotech will check and give feedback
  • Eurotech will merge #385 and enable Travis CI builds for compile validation, if anything goes wrong we can easily remove it
  • We had a short look a the Package Drone instance at Eclipse

Follow up

  • Next call will be 2016-08-23, same time

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