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Kura/Bluetooth Support



Eclipse Kura is planning to add support for Bluetooth Low Energy. At present there is no open source BLE library available for Java that is compatible with the Eclipse Public License. The purpose of this article is to devise a strategy for supporting BLE while remaining compatible with the Eclipse Public License.


gatttool is a utility included with the latest Bluez stack for Linux. The tool accesses bluetooth services using GATT (Generic Attribute Profile). The appeal to this approach is that no Java bluetooth library would be required. The JVM would use the gatttool utility to interact with the BLE devices. The drawback to this approach is the use of Runtime.exec to interact with an interactive command line utility. The other potential issue is the Bluez system requirement. Bluez is licensed under GPL, which is not EPL compatible. We would need to clarify with Eclipse that system requirements with non-compatible licenses are allowed.

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