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LDT/Developer Area/Project Plan/1.1

Work Items for Koneki LDT 1.1

Below are items that the Koneki team and the community at large think are worth being considered for the 1.1 release. This release is expected for the end of 2013.


Milestones   End Date        Luna Targeted Milestones  Status  Details
M1  Friday, Sept. 20         M2    09/20 to 10/04       OK      Biggest Features.
M2  Friday, Nov. 01          M3    11/01 to 11/15       OK      All Features must be present in M2.
RC1 Friday, Nov. 29          None                       OK      Time between M2 and RC1 should be used to do validation and bug fixes.  
RC2 Friday, Dec. 13          M4    12/13 to 12/20       --      Optional release to fix critical bugs and non intrusive bugs.

see Luna Schedule.

Features Lists

Error handling

Ok green.gif Stabilize error handling (409984) (should be backport in 1.0)


Ok green.gif Enhance auto close (409987 )

Error.gif Enhance auto edit strategy for luadoc comment (409988)

Error.gif Add actions on save (410039)

AST/User Assistance

Ok green.gif Auto completion for string (404464)

Ok green.gif Detect type/mode in code (410041)

Ok green.gif Make some tags optionals (410044)

Ok green.gif Autocompletion on globals (414315)

Ok green.gif Enhance autocompletion trigger (418828)

Error.gif Auto-completion on require (404295 )

Error.gif Add a way to manage Map,List structure (405458)


Error.gif Support long comment (393221)

Ok green.gif Change default value to respect "lua convention" (410050 )

Ok green.gif Indent code for expressions and lists (408974 )


Error.gif Attach debug : do not terminate launch automatically (396936 )

Ok green.gif Integrate new introspection system (410051 )

Execution Environment

Ok green.gif Support of multiple files in template (407228)

Bugzilla Requests

Project Plan : The bigs features implemented.

Bugs fixed : Bugs fixed.

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