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Download Directory Conventions

All public Jetty builds, be they milestone or official releases, use the following directory layout on the download site:

  • Root: /home/www/jetty
    • <VERSION>/dist - Jetty distribution files (.tgz, .zip, .bz2, .sha1, .md5, etc)
    • <VERSION>/update - corresponding Jetty update site
    • <VERSION>/apidocs - Javadoc files
    • <VERSION>/xref - xref files

This allows all builds and releases to be self-contained and versioned. Persistent and durable Javadoc locations can be established to subsequent Jetty versions, and previous Jetty releases can be easily obtained. In addition, the 'stable-x' version string, for example 'stable-7', always refers to the latest stable release (or build) of that major Jetty version.

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