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Jena Context Provider Dependencies

This page is a work in progress...

Library Home Page (URL) Jar(s) (URL) Used for Version License (URL)
Jena jena.jar Jena is a framework for building Semantic Web applications. Used to read and write context's data in RDF / OWL formats. 2.4 (can be checked in under incubator rules)
ARQ arq.jar ARQ is a query engine for Jena that supports the SPARQL RDF Query language. Used to query data represented in RDF / OWL formats. 1.4
[IRI] no separate link iri.jar This jar is required by Jena at runtime. It looks like a jena's component but there is no any documentation what it really is. 0.3 CQ1173 (Ok to check in under incubator rules)
Commons Logging commons-logging.jar Used by Jena internally. 1.0.4 Approved: CQ1169
Backport-util-Concurrent concurrent.jar Used by Jena internally. 2.2 Approved: CQ1172 Public Domain
Backport-util-Concurrent concurrent.jar Used by Jena internally. 1.3.2 Approved: CQ1663 Public Domain
ICU4J icu4j_3_4.jar Used by Jena internally. 3.4 Approved: CQ1169
Log4J log4j-1.2.13.jar Used by Jena internally. 1.2.13
Xerces xercesImpl.jar Used by Jena internally. 2.7.1 Approved: CQ1171, CQ1650
HSQLDB JDBC Driver hsqldb.jar JDBC driver for HSQL Database used to write and read context's data to and from HSQL database. (Needed for Runtime only. Not needed to build.)



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