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JEE Status Meetings/2011-09-29



Juno Planning

Java EE Tools plan
EJB Tools plan

What are our themes? - based on the proposed enhancements... Improved usability, Improved extension capabilities, Maven....

Proposed enhancements - I will work on assigning bugzilla's new or existing

  • JCDI?, other Java EE 6 technologies not currently covered? - Max brought up this possibility.. Chuck though SAP could be interested.
  • Make sure all projects in WTP (or from adopters) can handle multi-source components correctly (using the defaultRootSource tag newly introduced in SR1)(Fred to open new bugzilla)
  • WTP Tomcat Adapter can't seem to work with m2e-wtp 's war overlays when doing ""Serve modules without publishing" : ( I (we) need to investigate why.
  • WTP Tomcat adapter redeploys entire webapp on class change, is it expected? (Answer from Elson/Server Tools: It is expected. Server needs to be restarted for changes to take place. For some changes, e.g. method changes without changing the method signature, the user can start the server in debug mode to allow jvm hot method replace for picking up new changes. So a server restart is not needed.) Not clear if this is a Tomcat limitation or WTP adapter limitation...
  • Need the ability to include/exclude component resources from deployment using ant-like inclusion/exclusion patterns. Currently implemented for overlays in m2e-wtp and JBoss Archive components using URI parameters.
  • Still want to be able to deploy my own component contributions (Ex : ejb-clients jar built on the fly, without the need for a dedicated ejb-client project) (see
  • Find a way to make such components contribute to classpath resolution in a custom way : Ex: I have a web project, depending on an ejb-client component referencing an ejb project in the workspace. Classpath-wise, the web project should only see the interfaces (and/or some selected classes) from the ejb project.
  • EVERY file creation during project facet installation should be optional (Think MANIFEST.MF
  • Adding WTP libraries should be optional too :
  • Current EAR, RAR support in m2e-wtp list all dependencies in .component. That follows Carl's recommendation from ( According to Chuck, this answer has officially changed, and another approach should be taken. Details?
  • We should be able to specify the deployed archiveName for Jars/projects defined in a classpath library (ex: want to export spring-mvc-x.y.z.jar from the maven lib to /web-inf/lib/spring-mvc.jar) :
  • "Web" project / facet consolidation - Konstantin brought up some API policies in WTP that would make such a change very challenging(preserving compatibility)

Important Bugs

Other topics

  • Project wish list - What can we do better? What technical issues need to be improved?
    • Solve the challenge of there only being Jar, Ear and War support for adapters. If other project/packaging types are introduced *all* servers need to update their logic as it is at the moment.

Presents a challenge with for example BPEL project types which have had to introduce their own specific adapter.

  • What are the plans for m2e-wtp coming to eclipse? Can we propose an incubating project? - Konstantin and Chuck willing to help create proposal
  • WTP meetup at EclipseCon europe ?
    • Fred and Max are going. Anyone else ?


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