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Planning page for JDT for 4.11

This page discusses target fixes and improvements to the Eclipse Java Development Tools for the 4.11 release.


Java 12 Support

Java 12 Tree Periodic patch builds of Beta quality will be delivered as P-builds applicable on top of 4.10 at a later date Product quality Java 12 support will be delivered over 4.11)

Technical Debt and Enhancements

All Open Bugs All Resolved Bugs

A Java Versions' Perspective

For a Java releases driven planning refer Java Releases Support Page


Java 12 Support

Moved to 4.12
Add Java 12 support - bugs.
Java 12 support will be added to a BETA branch until Java 12 goes GA.

JUnit 5.4 support

[JUnit 5] Update to JUnit 5.4 - bug 543821, bug 543822, bug 543823
[JUnit 5] Avoid calling Launcher#discover - bug 542742

Enhance support for Java 11, 10, 9

Fix bugs and enhancements listed here.

Asynchronous/non-blocking content assist

Make JDT able to process content-assist processors asynchronously without blocking UI Thread. bug 531061

Routine Maintenance and Enhancements

Other bugs and enhancements.


Java 12 Support

Working on Java 12 support is one of the primary focus for 4.11. Java 12 is ongoing during 4.11 and will be delivered via Marketplace once Java 12 goes GA.

Java 11 Support

Support --enable-preview in Launching bug 534687

Debugging user experience

Variables view: Add history with recent expressions to the details pane bug 334991

Enhancing Lambda debugging user experience

Entry breakpoint for lambda expression bug 486264
Lambda variable names in variables view is shown as arg$1 etc bug 534687

Routine Maintenance and Enhancements

Other Bugs and enhancements.

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