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Most of the documentation for Hudson is maintained through this Wiki site. However, we do maintain a home page and a download page as part of the infrastructure. These pages are maintained through GIT. Committed pages are automatically updated into the website.

Repository Info

Commits are pushed directly back to Origin for the WebSite GIT, there is no step to push through Gerrit.

Before committing ensure that your username and user email are set correctly to match your Eclipse committer identity.

Typical Index Page Workflow

The workflow for a committer with a committer name of duncan and an email (registered against that id) of (Lines prefixed with # are comments and not to be typed)

#From the start, assuming no local repository
git clone ssh://

#This will create a husdon directory

cd hudson/pages
vi _index.html
git add _index.html

#At some point before committing set the identiry correctly or the push back to Eclipse will fail 
git config "duncan"
git config ""

#Commit and push back
git commit -m "Some change to project homepage"
git push origin master 

Summary of updates:

Key Pages

The following pages are the ones you will have to update most freqently:

Key Web Pages
Page File
Homepage ( pages/_index.html
Downloads pages/_download.html
Change Log pages/_changelog.html

Project Plan



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