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org.eclipse.higgins.hbxff is a Firefox extension written in Javascript that launches an external selector either using Higgins Selector Switch or directly. This extension is different from and easily confused with the Higgins Embedded-Selector Extension for Firefox which is a different component entirely.


Developed for Higgins 1.1. Available since Higgins 1.1M2


Presuming org.eclipse.higgins.hbxff is installed and enabled, when your browser lands on a Relying Party (RP) site that is i-card enabled (e.g. includes an <object> tag, etc.), the extension launches an external Selector application. It launches the selector either using Higgins Selector Switch or directly depending on the preference settings of the extension.

This extension has the ability to directly launch these 1.1 selectors:

As well as directly launch these 1.0 selectors:


  • Language: Javascript and XUL
  • Packaging: Firefox add-on. Requires Firefox 1.5.x or 2.x running on Windows, OSX, or Linux

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