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Handly/New and Noteworthy/1.3

New & Noteworthy for Eclipse Handly 1.3

This release aligns with Eclipse 2020-03.

Enhancements to Snapshot Implementations

This release brings significant enhancements to the provided snapshot (ISnapshot) implementations. In particular:

  • TextFileBufferSnapshot expiration policy has been enhanced to minimize the number of cases where a snapshot expires, so a buffer change could be properly undone (559424)
  • Equality prediction has been enhanced across the provided snapshot implementations to minimize the number of cases where the actual comparison of snapshot contents is needed to determine snapshot equality (559534)

Support for Source Files Backed by IFileStore

In addition to the pre-existing out-of-the-box support for source files backed by IFile, this release introduces similar support for source files backed by IFileStore (560311)

Other Enhancements

  • New API method IBuffer.getAnnotationModel() has been introduced (560416)
  • The outdated "LSP Example" has been removed (559535)
  • Xtext 2.21 is now supported

Full List of Issues Addressed in This Release

 1.3 -

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