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Handly/New and Noteworthy/1.2

New & Noteworthy for Eclipse Handly 1.2

Enhanced Support for Call Hierarchy View

The previous release (1.1) provided an initial support for creating a Call Hierarchy view. The initial support was introduced as provisional API, subject to change. This release adds more features and aims to make the API more stable:

  • Setting the orientation of the view layout to Horizontal, Vertical, or Automatic (544134)
  • Showing and manipulating the view history (544858)
  • Pinning the view (545814)
  • Refreshing selected elements (545855)
  • Removing selected elements from the view (545899)
  • Status line support (546309)

If you have been an early adopter of the Call Hierarchy view support, please see the migration guide.

The existing exemplary implementation for a Call Hierarchy view, provided as part of the Handly Adapter Example, has been enhanced to show the new features.

For Xtext-based languages, this release provides some extra support for creating a Call Hierarchy view (547482). An exemplary implementation that shows the Call Hierarchy view support for Xtext-based languages has been provided as part of the new Handly Xtext-Xtext Example (547483).

Other Enhancements

  • A reusable HistoryDropDownAction has been provided in org.eclipse.handly.ui.action package
  • DeferredTreeContentProvider.getLabel(Object) has been enhanced to support IStyledLabelProvider and DelegatingStyledCellLabelProvider
  • Xtext 2.18 is now supported

Full List of Issues Addressed in This Release

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