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Handly/New and Noteworthy/1.0

New & Noteworthy for Eclipse Handly 1.0

Core API is Now Officially Declared

Overall, the project code has reached a level of API stability and implementation quality that would be required for a 1.0 release. That's why the project team opted for the 1.0 release in place of the previously planned 0.9. However, a small group of bundles related to UI is still versioned as 0.9 to indicate a slim chance that their API may still change in a breaking way.

Switch to New Version of Eclipse Public License

The project has switched to using EPL-2.0 as its license. Please see EPL-2.0 FAQ for more details about the new version of the Eclipse Public License.

Increased Test Coverage

Test coverage of Handly Core (org.eclipse.handly bundle) has been significantly increased and is now at 85%, as estimated by EclEmma.

Restructured Examples Feature

Previously, installing the org.eclipse.handly.examples feature would install all Handly examples, making their contributions such as actions, editors, views, wizards, etc. available in the user's workbench. However, it does not make much sense for people to install examples in their IDE. Examples are meant to be something one can easily add to their workspace, so one can see the source and play with it.

We have made the examples feature to not install Handly examples directly. It now contains only org.eclipse.handly.examples bundle, which uses the standard File -> New -> Example... extension point to describe all examples that can be added to the workspace.

LSP Example

A new exemplary implementation has been provided, which demonstrates a Handly-based model that can represent in a generic way any LSP-based source file. It is built on top of Eclipse LSP4J.

API and Implementation Enhancements

Due to API polish, this release introduces some breaking changes. Please see the migration guide if you are a current adopter.

  • LruCache has been re-written from scratch with new API and implementation (533045)
  • The element change event is now able to carry multiple top-level delta objects to support models with multiple element trees (530818)
  • Text file snapshot implementation has been revised (533821)

Full List of Issues Addressed in This Release

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