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The goal of the GMT (Generative Modeling Technologies, previously Generative Model Transformer) project is to produce a set of research tools in the area of MDSD (Model Driven Software Development). These contributions are intended to be illustrative of the variety of operations applicable to abstract models. Historically the most important operation was model transformation and this is the origin of the name of the project. Currently model transformation stays an essential operation but other model management facilities like model composition are also being proposed, broadering the scope of the GMT project.

Questions and discussions about the GMT projects and/or about its components (e.g., AM3, Epsilon, oAW, TCS) should be directed to the eclipse.modeling.gmt Eclipse newsgroup (excepted for AMW and MoDisco which have their own newsgroup: eclipse.modeling.gmt.amw and eclipse.modeling.gmt.modisco). There are also archives, as well as a newsportal (i.e., news access from web browser) available for this newsgroup. In order to keep the discussions understandable, the subject of every post should be prefixed with the name of the component it is targeting (e.g., with [TCS] for the TCS component), or with [GMT] if the overall project is targeted (this last rule is to make sure that erroneously unprefixed messages are not misinterpreted as targeting the overall project).

GMT components

GMT Promoted components

  • ATL is now a component of the M2M project.

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