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GEF3D Sample Applications

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Incubation Phase

The following applications are all implemented with GEF3D, demonstrating what you can do with this framework. If you have a project based on GEF3D, feel free to add a small description here.

Note: Some of these applications are made with elder versions of GEF3D, display quality of newer versions may be much better!

3D-fied Ecore and UML Tools
3D-fied ecore tools
GEF3D includes some example editors, such as 3D-fied versions of the Ecore Tools (ecore diagrams, see screenshot) and UML2 Tools (class, use case, and activity diagrams). Multiple diagrams can be visualized (and edited!) in a single 3D view. These editors can be used for you own 3D applications and demonstrate how to 3D-fy GMF based editors. GEF3D Run Examples describes how to set up and run these example editors.
3D Graphical Editor for the GMF Mapping Model
GMF mapping editor 3D
Editing the GMF mapping model using the tree based editor can be really annoying. The 3D editor for the GMF mapping model is a prototype demonstrating how to simply create mappings using drag and drop. The domain (ecore) model, the graphical notation model and the mapping model are all visualized graphically. Mappings are simply created by dragging elements from the domain or graphical notation model onto the mapping model. References (from the mapping model to the other models) are visualized as inter-model-connections.
The Eclipse Agent Modeling Platform provides tools for agent meta-modeling called AMF, agent execution called AXF and visualization called AGF, and has used GEF3D for AGF3D.
Visualization of Transformation Chains
UniTI visualizer
A 3D visualizer of a transformation chain, each model is displayed on a plane, the transformation traces are shown as inter-model-connections. The models are displayed using a 3D-fied version of TOPCASED UML, an ER-diagram-editor is a simple GEF based editor.
TVT3D is a tool for visualizing and animating scenario-based walkthroughs in early states of software development (analysis, design). GEF3D is used for displaying activity diagrams, class diagrams and dependencies between them (intermodel connections). The activities specify use cases, the class diagrams contain the classes and operations, which realize the use cases. There are two types of intermodel connections: Action-operation and operation-operation (operation call).
  • Author: Matthias Then

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