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Every Detail Matters

Work in progress

The idea here is to tackle some of the "little things" and improve the overall impression we leave with users. I'm motivated--at least in part--by the positive community response to some of the little things--like turning on line numbers by default--that we've done in the past.

This represents a shift to focus more on user experience. This is also the first step of a strategy to realize a vision for the developer platform.

Our vision is to build leading desktop and cloud-based development solutions, but more importantly to offer a seamless development experience across them. Our goal is to ensure that developers will have the ability to build, deploy, and manage their assets using the device, location and platform best suited for the job at hand. Eclipse projects, the community, and ecosystem will all continue to invest in and grow desktop Eclipse. Full-function cloud-based developer tools delivered in the browser will emerge and revolutionize software development.

Continued focus on quality and performance, out-of-the-box experience, Java 9, and first class Maven, Gradle, and JVM Languages support also figure prominently in our vision of a powerful developer’s platform.

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