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  • Ian
  • Pascal
  • DJ
  • Henrik
  • Susan
  • Simon
  • John


  • Early test pass this week?
    • We've decided to keep the test pass as normally scheduled but we will focus a *lot* on testing and resist a *lot* the urge of fixing things
    • As part of the test pass we need to take a look at the headless apps and also review the scenarios where failed repos are being reported.
  • Test authoring day
    • Ian suggested we do a test authoring day. We need to discuss of a day for this/
    • Ian to look into writing performance tests to measure things like repo loading, slicing, explanation time, etc.
  • Selection problem in the install wizard
    • PDE was badly broken using the install wizard. They fix their code
    • p2 UI part will not be addressed in 3.6
  • Dropin changes.
    • Some changes went in to handle case for dropins to address the case where two interdependent plugins where installed in teh dropins and one was not removed.
    • We agree that while are changing this code, we may as well look into doing it fully and automatically removing the roots. This will likely require the explanation to be enabled which should not be an issue since performance has been improved.
  • IProfileChangeRequest
    • We want to explore the addition of a clearRequirements method as part of the API

  • SDK 4.0
    • We discussed what we wanted to ship as part of SDK 4.0
    • Not shipping org.eclipse.update.*
      • update.configurator still used for the shared install cases and to provide bundle groups
    • Can we get rid of the code that read / write platform.xml
    • Do we ship with features?
    • Remove the metadata.generator bundle
    • Can we get rid of dropins to the benefit of something like the "install-in"
  • Summer of code
    • Review of the two projects and discussion of their scope.

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