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Editing Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20110110


  • Dean
  • DJ
  • Jeff
  • Tom
  • Pascal
  • Ian
  • Simon
  • John R


  • Logging Stuff released for M5 bug 292135
  • Jetty 7 bug 309529
  • Mystery errors in p2 projects with i0104
  • Equinox plan
  • Profile state metadata
  • Applying patches via the reconciler
  • Happy New Year


  • Tom released some changes to the logging story
  • Unified the various Eclipse logging API though common ExtendedLogService
  • Sounds like a new and noteworthy item!

Jetty 7

  • Jetty 7 has been available for a while. Equinox should be adopting
  • Simon is not going to have a lot of time but we could make it happen with help
  • additional work related to logging, jsp updates related to upgrades and security, console logging, ...
  • this work does not include the http service so we'd continue to supply that.
  • Java 5 story. should we continue to ship the Jetty 6 support?
    • better to drop from Indigo and leave some doc

Mystery Errors

  • There are some mystery red Xs showing up on projects but not showing in the Problem View...
  • No one else seems to be seeing this. Jeff to follow up in bug reports.

Equinox plan

  • Tom is doing more work on the equinox plan
  • Some discussion around shared install on Windows 7

Profile state metadata

  • Dean has put up some patches to add metadata to various states of a profile
  • Pascal will take a look at the patches and commit/feedback
  • Pascal to look at this using this to tag from the director etc.

Applying patches via reconciler

  • when something is patched the old version of the bundle is removed from the metadata
  • When looking to install something else, it still needs the old version of the metadata to be around for the install to succeed

Happy New Year

  • All the best for 2011

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