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Eclipse Summit Europe 2010 RT Tutorial Democamp

ESE RT Tutorial and Demo Camp

This year at Eclipse Summit Europe we'll be running a 1/2 day tutorial and demo camp highlighting many RT and RT related technologies.

Session Description

9:00 RT Tutorial
10:15 Break
10:30 Demo: Building Cloud Applications
11:00 Demo: eBAM
11:30 Demo: eBPM
12:00 Demo: Virgo
12:30 Demo: Scout

RT Tutorial

With the Eclipse community expanding its offerings in the Runtime space (Eclipse RT) many developers are interested in figuring out what this means and how they can leverage Eclipse RT projects. This tutorial will introduce Eclipse RT: what projects are available, what they can do, and most importantly how to use them together and will focus on providing some basic how-to understanding so that developers new to Eclipse RT can start to leverage these valuable technologies in their own projects.

This tutorial will walk attendees through the construction of a simple OSGi Web application that uses a few of the available Eclipse RT projects including Jetty, EclipseLink, Gemini, and Equinox. The hands on portion of this tutorial will be developed using the Eclipse IDE which offers excellent support for JSP/JSF (Jetty), JPA (EclipseLink/Gemini), and OSGi (Equinox) development. The combination of Eclipse RT and the Eclipse IDE provides an ideal development environment for the tutorial and we will see how projects like Dali, PDE, and WTP JSF tools provide a build, edit, debug environment for Eclipse RT development.

Software and Instructions

If you want to follow along or try the tutorial at a later time you will need:

RT Demo Camp

In the demo camp several projects will present what they are doing in a short demo with minimal or no slides.

Demo: Building Cloud Applications

Demo: eBAM

Demo: eBPM

Demo: Virgo

A very quick go through some slides to get an overview of Virgo and then on with a Demo. If you want to join in with the demo you will need one of the free memory sticks in the white bag at the front. I will be running the demo from the stick.

Demo: Scout

We'll start with a quick Scout SDK walk-through. Essentially, this is a small part of the first Eclipse Scout tutorial and will show you how to build a tiny application consisting of both a client using either Swing or SWT for the user interface, and a server using the Apache Derby database. Both client and server are OSGi applications using Equinox. We'll also show one of our company's core products, an Eclipse Scout application in productive use around the world.

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