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EclipseLink/Installing EclipseLink OSGi in PDE

Installing EclipseLink OSGi in PDE

For OSGi development, it is strongly recommended that you create a target platform and install the necessary features into it. This procedure describes how to create a new target platform that includes EclipseLink.

  • Open 'Window>Preferences' and navigate to 'Plug-in Development>Target Platform'.
  • Select 'Add..' to create a new target platform definition.
  • Select 'Nothing' to start with an empty target and then click 'Next'.
  • On the 'Locations' tab select 'Add..'.
  • Select 'Software Site' and then click 'Next'.
  • Choose the Helios update site from the 'Work with:' drop down of P2 repositories.
  • Once the feature list has been populated, from the 'EclipseRT Target Platform Components' category check 'EclipseLink Target Components' and click 'Finish'.
  • Change the name of your new target platform to reflect its contents, e.g., 'EclipseLink 2.1'.
  • Finally, select your newly defined target as your default and click 'Ok'.
  • In the Plug-ins view of the Plug-in Development perspective you will see all of the bundles in your target platform. Note that bundles EclipseLink requires have also been downloaded and installed by P2, e.g., Equinox (org.eclipse.osgi).

You are now ready to build OSGi applications with EclipseLink in PDE!

Check out some OSGi JPA examples to get started.

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