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JPA Introspection Example Application

This example is under construction as of 20080901.


This example JPA project will serve as the business layer in the JPA web application tutorials.


The primary purpose of this application is to serve as a demonstration platform for the following technologies.

  • R1: Demonstrate EclipseLink JPA usage in a web container
  • R2: Demonstrate EclipseLink JPA usage in an ejb container
  • R3: Demonstrate EclipseLink DDL generation (in SE mode)
  • R4: 3-tier in MVC: Demonstrate how to interface the EclipseLink JPA integration layer (model) with a custom business layer which is interfaced with a rudimentry presentation layer like a servlet (view-controller)
  • R5: Demonstrate 3-tier in MVC functionality using a standard framework like JSF 1.2

The secondary purpose is provide the following features to help developers with tasks related to the EclipseLink source.

  • F1: Historical view of source files that were created/updated/deleted
  • F2: Provide rudimentry static UML class heiarchy diagrams
  • F3:


UML Class Diagram

StatJPA class.gif




Authored 20080808 - Michael.OBrien

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