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Catnicon.gifThis example is currently under development see Bug 227113

EclipseLink JPA Where Example

This example illustrates the use of EclipseLink JPA against a public domain data-set made available through which makes its data available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. This example is intended to illustrate the use of EclipseLink with a non-trivial amount of data.

Download Example

During development this example is available as a work-in-progress from the EclipseLink SVN. When version 1.0 ships this example will be made available in zip format download.

SVN location for work-in-progress: /svnroot/rt/org.eclipse.persistence/trunk/examples/org.eclipse.persistence.example.jpa.where/

Domain Model

The domain model for this example is based on the GeoNames data set.

  • Country
    • AdminDivision
  • TimeZone
  • Language
  • Feature
  • Point

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