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This page is intended to capture the strategy for supporting Spring in EclipseLink.


Spring Integration

At present the Spring Framework ships with support for Oracle TopLink's native object-relational capabilities as well as with TopLink Essentials's JPA support. In order to enable customers to use EclipseLink within Spring support for EclipseLink's JPA and possible its native ORM need to be added.

JPA Vendor Adapter & Dialect

An adapter and dialect need to be contributed to the Spring Framework to support EclipseLink.

Native ORM Support

This work is being deferred while the new XML metadata format for EclipseLink JPA/ORM is defined (Bug 200040)


What testing will we do in EclipseLink to ensure we remain compatible with the Spring Framework during our development as well as with their development.

Spring OSGi

Whith EclipseLink's planned support for OSGi/Equinox what should we be doing with Spring OSGi?


What examples should we make available or should we contribute examples to the Spring Framework distribution?

Additional Integration

Beyond integrating within Spring for JPA/ORM usage additional persistence services may be usable both by end users as well as within the Spring framework.

  • MOXy: JAXB
  • SDO
  • DBWS

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