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EclipseLink Development Meeting 20080730

23 July 2008 Minutes Attendees:

 Krogh Peter;
 Doughan Blaise;
 O'Brien Michael;
 Ware Tom;
 Pelletier Guy;
 Meswani Mitesh;
 Sapir Rick;
 Clarke Doug;

Actions: >Action: we need a 1.1 page and document the exit criteria - with signoff- and backfill work >Action: Have a look at your 1.0.1 bugs and turf to 1.1 or future ones that should not be there

Agenda July 23 2008

2PM EST, Wednesday July 2, 2008

Dial In Info: 1-888-967-2253, Conf ID/Password: 486546/486546

Status updates


  • Bug fixes
    • Release Sept 9
      • M1 - Aug 13th
      • M2/RC - Aug 27th

>option of a third milestone

      • Code Freeze - Aug 27th


  • Release December

>possible that JPA 2.0 will only be at preview stage in the fall >however the production release of JPA 2.0 will be ready for JavaOne

    • JPA 2.0
    • Monthly Milestones Starting Aug 13th?

>We have 2 milestones on the same day above on 08/13 - potential problems with only one stream >Action: we need a 1.1 page and document the exit criteria - with signoff- and backfill work

1.0.1 bugs

>Need a clear plan about what we are triaging as we have 58 bugs >Action: Have a look at your 1.0.1 bugs and turf to 1.1 or future ones that should not be there >Be carefull about puting dates in project metadata system - we need a record of where all the dates are

General Issues

>Guy: Schema issue >Karen had a question about whey the schemas are not in the eclipselink 1.1 file? >The 1.0 version was required so that we have an upgrade process for changes above the released 1.0 schema on our website >need to verify that targetNamespace left/right sides of attributes are compatible for schema upgrades or is flexible >Process should be seamless to users during a 1.1 upgrade - as long as we keep adding optional instead of incompatible changes >Agree that the 1.0 schema is immutable >

  • Exit Criteria
    • 1.0M8 June 4, 2008 Final functionality freeze
    • 1.0RC1 June 18, 2008 Release Candidate 1
    • 1.0RC2 June 25, 2008 Release Candidate 2
    • 1.0 Release July 9, 2008 Final 1.0 Release (moved from june 25th to be released after Ganymede)
    • Schedule Dependencies
      • Eclipse reviews: graduation, release, and move to RT
      • Ganymede to leverage Equinox 3.4 (June 25)
  • Pre-release tasks
    • 3rd party works-with approval for Oracle JDBC - Doug
    • COMPLETE IP Log - Peter
    • Complete Features Index - Doug with support of all committers
    • Complete Examples & How-to materials - Doug/Shaun
    • FAQ
    • Update wiki Documentation for 1.0 Features - Liza (starting in May) with committer support
    • Finalize product packaging and distribution - ZIP(s), Bundle access (update site?)
    • Prepare and schedule reviews
    • Discussion
      • Packaging convention for dependancies (i.e. the projects we depend on that are not from Orbit)
        • Do we want a src and bin/classes directory
        • Should classes just exist at the base of the project (what about the jar we eventually create)
        • How should we name the jars we create
  • WIKI Changes should be done in parallel to any bug fixes to eclipselink.*.test ant targets or other public API changes - mobrien 20080529.
  • DONE Bugzilla components - sign-off on final changes below

  • Automated Testing
    • Need SRG test models for JPA, MOXy and SDO
      • DB components of those tests should be simple enough to run on Derby
      • Need to test Core SRG on Derby
  • Bug Prioritization and targetting
    • Currently more bugs are scheduled for 1.0.1 then we are likely to fix in that time
    • We currently do not have a system to ensure a bug has a published priority level
    • We should discuss how will we deal with these issues
  • Bug DB usage
    • If you are working on a bug, assign it to yourself.
      • add dummy inbox to the cc list.
    • Set the target milestone to the correct milestone.
      • Confusion/concern on this part
      • Milestones
        • 1.0M9 are bugs that are to be fixed by the the corresponding milestone build.
        • 1.0 is a bug that is to be fixed by 1.0, but has no current target milestone.
        • 1.0.1 new bugs should be filed against this target
  • Bug council
    • Introduce notion of Bug council
    • Wed 2:30pm
      • Untargeted bugs are going to be reviewed by bug council on a weekly basis (current proposed time is directly after weekly status meeting (2:30 ET on Wednesdays).
        • A milestone will be set - or set to future
        • Bug may get assigned
      • When you enter a new bug, leaving it untargeted means that the bug council will review to decide which release it is targeted for.
      • If you know which milestone the bug will be fixed in, assign it accordingly.
      • The new target - future - is for bugs that don't have a target yet.
  • Code headers
    • Ensure Header is dual license EDL + EPL
      • Found and fxed some build xml files.
    • Ensure contributor is correct - new code should have code author (no - intial code from oracle)
      • Found and fxed some build xml files.

Upcoming Issues

The following items require discussion but are not yet at the stage where a solution can be proposed.

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