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EclipseLink 2.2: Advanced JPA

This page captures the work performed for the EclipseLink 2.2 release targeting advanced JPA mapping options. The goal is to increase the number of advanced ORM features that can be accessed through JPA leveraging standard extension points, custom annotations, and custom XML.

Eclipselink ORM

The following bugs were completed for the EclipseLink 2.2 release. Individual bugs will contain more information on the design and implementation.

Bug number Description Status
bug 312910 Expand EclipseLink-ORM.XML schema functionality for 2.2 release Completed
bug 247078 Expand version and id mappings Completed
bug 283430 Add index support Completed
bug 324341 Add cascade on delete support Completed
bug 283028 Mapped superclass support from an embeddable Completed
bug 322008 Additional Criteria support (filters) Completed
bug 328937 Horizontal partitioning, load-balancing, replication, high availablity, RAC Completed

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