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Design Specification: JPA 2.1 Unsynchronized Persistence Context

ER 374818

Document History

Date Author Version Description & Notes
07 September 2012 Gordon Yorke Initial Doc creation

Project overview

This feature introduces the concept of Persistence Contexts that are not registered with the transaction and do not respond to the transaction but at a later point the Persistence Context may be enlisted in the active transaction.


In previous versions of the specification the Persistence Context was automatically enlisted in the transaction when any method on the Entity Manager was invoked. Now a Persistence Context can be specified as being unsynchronized in which case it will not longer be automatically enlisted within the transaction. In order for database synchronization to occur the Persistence Context must be enlisted in a transaction and any calls to flush() before enlistment result in exceptions.


Implement support for unsynchronized persistence contexts

Design Constraints

Design / Functionality

Simple update to check for the SynchronizationType before joining the persistence context to the transaction. If the type is UNSYNCHRONIZED then the code will be updated to only register the synchronization listener when requested through joinTransaction()




Config files


Work Required

  1. Implement unsynchronized support
    approx 3 days
  2. Testing - ensure Java EE behaviour
    approx 3 days

Open Issues

This section lists the open issues that are still pending that must be decided prior to fully implementing this project's requirements.

Issue # Owner Description / Notes


This section lists decisions made. These are intended to document the resolution of open issues or constraints added to the project that are important.

Issue # Description / Notes Decision

Future Considerations

During the research for this project the following items were identified as out of scope but are captured here as potential future enhancements. If agreed upon during the review process these should be logged in the bug system.

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