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EclipseCon Exercise 2011

Eclipsecon excercise.jpg

Continuing in the tradition that Darin Swanson started at earlier EclipseCons, there will be organized runs at the 2011 edition.

Why run at EclipseCon?

  • You have the opportunity to meet members of the community and get to know them better
  • You'll be wide awake and ready to focus on the outstanding talks EclipseCon has to offer
  • Burn off some calories from late nights in the Hyatt bar
  • Get out of the building and breathe in some nice crisp clean air
  • For those of us from a cold climate, no running in the snow for a week.  Can't beat that!

We will be meeting in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency at 7am every morning for an early morning run. Here's a map for a possible run.

If you are interested in helping organize EclipseCon exercise,  please add yourself to the list :-)

  • Elias Volanakis (503 929 5537)

Please sign up here for the days you are interested participating. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email. Thanks!

  1. Elias Volanakis, Mon - Thu
  2. Michael Pellaton, Mon - Thu
  3. Dave Orme, Mon - Thu
  4. Tonny Madsen, all days
  5. Anthony Dahanne, Mon - Thu
  6. Kai Tödter, Mon - Thu
  7. Chris Malin, Mon - Thu
  8. Bryan Obright, Mon - Thu
  9. Jesper Eskilson, Mon - Thu
  10. Rick Schultz, Mon - Thu - couple days
  11. Gilles Iachelini, all days
  12. Dariusz Luksza, all days
  13. David Hart, Mon - Thu
  14. Bernhard Merkle, Mon - Thu - will try my best

We like to have prize categories to add a bit of interest; feel free to add your suggestions here!

  • Runner farthest away from home
  • Oldest running or conference shirt worn during EclipseCon Exercise ie. JavaOne 2005 shirt
  • Most colorful running outfit
  • Jazziest shoes
  • Most flexible
  • Most unlikely to run that day (given last night)

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