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EclipseCon 2015 Presentation - Mesh Editor

This page provides additional resources for our proposed talk at EclipseCon North-America 2015: What a Mesh! Cleaning Up Scientific Meshes with Eclipse ICE.

Slides will be available on this page soon.


Simulations for science and energy often require approximations to the real geometry, called meshes, on which the solution is calculated. In many cases it is necessary to either create meshes from scratch or edit auto-generated meshes for computational reasons. Unfortunately, the tool chain for creating, viewing, and modifying scientific meshes of 3D space is minimal at best. While many proprietary solutions exist, there are few free, open-source, 3D mesh editors that are feature-rich with support for multiple formats.

We present such a mesh editor that is under development in the Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment (ICE). This mesh editor supports basic, interactive 2D and 3D mesh editing and integrates common features of the Eclipse Workbench with jMonkeyEngine to provide high-performance, realistic views. Multiple meshes or multiple angles of the same 3D mesh can be displayed simultaneously. We will also present the basic mesh generation routines we have developed to take 3D geometries and convert them to meshes as well as hooks into existing mesh generation libraries. Finally, we will discuss the design of the UI, the underlying data structures that make it all possible, and the work required to connect existing mesh I/O libraries to the Eclipse Platform.

Attendees will see how they can incorporate jME3-based 3D views into their Eclipse-based applications, including how to have multiple views running at the same time. They will learn how the Eclipse Workbench can be easily extended to do advanced scientific work and see how the meshing libraries in ICE are designed. They will also learn what is required to connect native C/C++ libraries to the Eclipse platform with tools such as SWIG on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Additional Resources

Official EclipseCon NA 2015 session page.

Blog Posts

Multiple 3D Views with jMonkeyEngine (coming soon)

Getting Native C/C++ Libraries into Java with SWIG (coming soon)

Building ExodusII on Linux and Windows (coming soon)

Previews and Demonstrations


Above: The earliest version of the Mesh Editor in the Eclipse ICE. The graphics are built around jMonkeyEngine. Note the use of existing Eclipse views and new custom views to support editing the mesh.

YouTube video coming soon!

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