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Eclipse/Incubator/Platform UI


The Platform UI incubator contains tools, snippets, and experimental code that effects the workings of the Workbench in some form or another. The incubator is published to an update site located at

Incubator Development

Adding a New Plug-In

The following steps should be taken when adding a new plug-in to the Platform UI incubator:

  1. check out as a project into your workspace
  2. create the new plug-in project and share it under the most appropriate folder in
  3. create a new feature project to contain the new plug-in or add it to an existing feature if applicable. If the later, add your plug-in to the feature.xml and go to step 5. If the former, simply copy one of the existing features (platform-incubator/ui/tweaklets/org.eclipse.ui.tweaklets.grabfocus.feature for instance) and tailor the strings to match your new feature. Check this new plug-in into
  4. add your new feature to the site.xml of the update site project that you checked out in step 1
  5. from the site.xml editor choose Build with your feature selected. This should produce new jars in your update site project feature and plug-ins directory
  6. check everything in, including the new plug-in, the new (or changed) feature, and the update site.

Updating an Existing Plug-In

The following steps should be taken when you wish to release changes to an existing Platform UI incubator plug-in to the update site.

  1. check out as a project into your workspace
  2. check in the desired changes to the incubator plug-in projects. If the changes are significant you should consider the version numbers of both the plug-in and containing feature.
  3. load the site.xml from the update site project. Select the feature you wish to re-deploy and click "Build."
  4. delete old versions of the feature/plugin jars
  5. check in all changes to the update site project

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