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EMF Generation

Making a change to the org.eclipse.higgins.context.model data model

Almost all Java classes in the org.eclipse.higgins.context.model plug-in are generated (and regenerated as needed) using EMF from emf-annotations added to Java interfaces.

To regenerate the implementation classes, do the following in the org.eclipse.higgins.context.model plug-in's org.eclipse.higgins.context.model package:

  1. Make your changes to the Java interfaces that act as models (or add new Java interfaces being sure to add the EMF Java annotations)
  2. Select the containing "src" folder, right click New... | Other... | EMF Models, 'Next'
  3. On 'Create a new generator model resource' page of the wizard, just click 'Next'
  4. On 'Specify how to load the initial model contents', leave as 'Load from annotated Java' and click 'Next'
  5. On 'Specify which package to generate and which to reference from other generator models' accept the default package: 'model' and click 'Finish'. This will generate a new 'My.genmodel' and a new 'model.ecore' in the 'src' folder.
  6. Open 'My.genmodel' in the editor panel
  7. Right click the root object, select 'Use SDO Defaults'
  8. Right click the root object, select 'Generate All'

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