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EMF DiffMerge/BuildConfiguration

Build concepts

EMF Diff/Merge uses Maven Tycho for its build. In order to minimize required build descriptors, it relies on the pom-less builds feature available from Tycho 0.24. It is important to note that this means Maven version 3.3 is required to execute these builds.

Project stucture

The contents from the project are available in four different repositories, each following a similar structure:

Given that both the coevolution, patch and patterns repository depends on the core repository, the corresponding jobs have to be set up as follows:

  • A CI update site created by the core repository is made available to the other builds using the Maven property core.repo.url. This can be set up correctly by the build on hudson.
  • The Co-Evolution, Patch and Patterns builds are also triggered each time the Core project builds.

Adding a new project to the build

Advanced concepts

Release builds

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