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New and Noteworthy - EMF-IncQuery 0.8.0

Updated project structure

The generated pattern matcher code has been greatly updated, making the code base more future proof. However, these changes require some updates of existing code. For details, see migration guide.

The most important new features supported by this new version are described here.

Eclipse-less query execution

  • Documentation and testing needed
  • Maven builder for EMF-IncQuery projects

New language feature: expression evaluation

The 'eval' keyword of the language allows the definition variables with the values of expressions.

Xtext compatibility

The code base is compatible with both 2.5 and 2.6. Currently, only 2.6-compatible builds are created.

IncQuery Viewers

The Viewers Sandbox view has been extended

  • with configurable pattern list, and
  • the capability to open multiple viewers concurrently

Query-based features

Setting delegate based implementation is used by default with annotations generated into the Ecore model.

  • See documentation for details.
  • The legacy code generator is still available by setting the generateIntoModelCode annotation parameter, but not recommended!

Bug fixes

A lot of small fixes:

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