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EMF/EMF 2.3/Plan History

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An abridged history of the EMF 2.3 Plan and the adoption of JDK 5.0:

  • 2006-06-29 Planning Council Minutes (website; "There was a discussion of which JVM to use for Europa. Because running Europa will require running with the highest level JVM of all the plug-ins, running all of Europa is almost certainly going to need JVM 1.5.")
  • 2006-11-18 What's New (linked on EMF homepage, news page, docs page, downloads page)
  • 2006-12-07 EMF 2.3 Generics (wiki, linked from EMF docs page & EMF downloads page "Bleeding Edge")
  • 2007-01-07 Bjorn states confusion how the process broke down (; "the EMF team clearly brought this JVM 4/5 issue forward over seven months ago so why is it suddenly a surprise and a blocking issue for Europa?")
  • 2007-01-23 Planning Council Minutes (website; "Add a link to the Europa page [...] discussing the EMF 2.2/2.3 features and JVM 1.4/1.5 issues and what the consequences of whether one should use EMF 2.2 or 2.3 - here is the link")

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