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ECF Conference Call 4.21.2009

Coming back to ECF

It's a long time I havent been participated in an ECF Call !

So let me present myself : My name is Pierre and have a short history in the ECF committer team, implementing, or trying to implement, the JXTA provider for ECF.

I have had some quicky results- see Snaphots . But I couldnt maintain a stable release of the provider because of the versatility of the JXTA jars libs that became stable since 2 years ago. In the same time, the Eclipse core OSGi nature made development difficult to update... So I decided to let it until all this would become clear.

But now, it seems the Java land has taken another form which is very enthousiasting.

And I come back with pleasure to this team.

See you, 13:29, 21 April 2009 (UTC)

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