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ECE2021 EclipseSDK

Eclipse SDK Meetup

A virtual meetup as part of EclipseCon 2021 - for people who are interested in what's happening in the Eclipse SDK, looking to contribute or have discussions with the committers and contributors of the Eclipse SDK project. Prime focus of this session is the Working Group session for this time.

Come and meet the Eclipse SDK community, other committers & contributors and share your thoughts/ideas.


Date October 25, 2021, Monday
Time 15:00 - 16:30 CET


As shown below, the meetup has two distinct parts meriting separate agenda tables.

Part One: Eclipse SDK Agenda - 15:00 - 15:45 [Mod: Lakshmi, Manoj]

Time Topic Speaker/Moderator
15:00 (3 min) Introduction Manoj
15:03 (7 mins) Release Engineering in Eclipse Platform Projects Sravan Kumar L
15:10 (7 mins) New Committer Experience Gayan Perera
15: 17 (2 mins) Mentor Speaks Sarika Sinha
15:19 (14 min) What's cooking in Eclipse? Mod: Niraj Modi
15:33 (10 mins) Q & A Mod: Lakshmi
15:43 (2 mins) Closing Remarks Manoj/Lakshmi

Part Two: Eclipse SDK Working Group Agenda 15:45 - 16:30 [Mod: Pradeep]

Time Topic Speaker/Moderator
15:45 (5 min) Welcome Remarks and Introduction of Working Group Members Pradeep / Paul B
15:50 (10 mins) Working Group Vision, Mission, Responsibilities and Program Plan Update Ed Merks
16:00 (10 mins) Planning Council Update Melanie / Jonah
16:10 (10 mins) Why Eclipse and CDT for Embedded Tooling? Mark (Renesas)
16:20 (10 mins) Technology Showcase: ABAP Development Tools Sebastian (SAP)


Register for EclipseCon 2021 - no separate registration required for this session For steps to register, please see -

Q & A

Please add questions for the Discussion Topics
Questions for the Community Day - putting the question here is optional, you can bring points to discuss in the session as wel. (Please add your name against your item)

  1. Discussion Point 1


  1. Lakshmi Shanmugam
  2. Manoj N Palat
  3. Pradeep Balachandran

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