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ECE2018 Industry40

Industry 4.0 session at the Eclipse Community Day

This session will happen during the Eclipse Community Day at EclipseCon Europe 2018, on Monday, October 22, 2018, in the morning at Forum in Ludwigsburg.

The Eclipse Foundation is a partner in several research projects related to Robotics and Industry 4.0 including RobMoSys and Basys. In addition to that, several projects like 4DIAC, Ditto, Brain IoT, etc... address the concerns of Industry 4.0.

Please add your topics and potential contributions (e.g., short talks and presentations) to this page. If you know others that might be interested in contributing and participating, please share this page with them.

Please add your ideas and thoughts below!

  • Introduction to RobMoSys, and links to Industry 4.0.
  • SmartMDSD
  • Basyx
  • How JSR 363 and Java EE (now Jakarta EE) helped build a Smart Container Terminal.

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