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Historical Document: this has been left in the incubator



The Simple IDE has different purposes:

  • Find missing Components, Model-Pieces, ... for writing e4-IDE applications
  • An example for e4-Adopters for "Monkey See, Monkey Do" type of learning
  • Produce a porting guide for 3.x component owners
  • ... what you like it to be

The only thing it will NOT be and become is a replacement for 4.0 SDK or similar tools


The main targets are:

  • Everything written in pure e4 (=no compat layer used)
    Can't use org.eclipse.ui*
    Can use org.eclipse.core.*
  • Support for the following things:
    • Import/Export Eclipse Projects (probably looking at writing a pure e4 replacement for CNF)
    • Implementation of Simple Editors based upon JFace-Text
      • *.txt
      • *.xml
      • *.java
    • Simple Project-Explorer
    • Compare Editor
    • Version-Control
      • Git
    • Project Build/Launch using Ant

Common Navigator Issues

This is probably not the right place for this, but as there is interest in having something like the CNF available here I thought I would capture the issues here as well:

The "CNF" has two major parts: 1) The common navigator (CN) itself (org.eclipse.ui.navigator), and 2) the Project Explorer (org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources).

For the most part the CN does not use actions, except to support the client's use of actions through it's action provider extensions. So if jettisoning actions and action groups is essentially the only thing necessary for a CNF port to e4, this should be relatively straightforward (there might be some issues (use of actions) around the UI (the customize dialog and view menu) associated with the CN but those should be easy to address and can probably also be addressed in 3.7).

The project explorer is another beast, it heavily depends on actions to provide the basic support for manipulating resources and working sets, and it further depends on many actions from the workbench code. This would probably be a re-write to hook up to commands. We might want to push working sets into the base CN support. All of these things can be considered for 3.7 as well as for e4 (it would be good to have an identical code base).

Action Items

Priority 1

Action Item Description 3.x counter part Assignee Status
Simple Project Explorer Only a simple Viewer presenting the EFS in Tree Project Explorer Tom Schindl Done
Eclipse Project Import Import Existing Project File > Import > Existing Project Tom Schindl Done
Simple Project Creation Create a standard Eclipse Project File > New > Project > General > Project Tom Schindl Done
Simple Text-Editor An Plain Text Editor Tom Schindl Done
Simple Java-Editor A simple Java-Editor which only supports Syntax Highlighting Tom Schindl Done

Priority 2

Action Item Description 3.x counter part Assignee Status
Simple XML-Editor (only syntax highlighting) Adopt the PDE generated Editor to Simple IDE The PDE generated XML-Editor Tom Schindl Done
Folder Icon Preview A Preview View when a folder with images is selected Tom Schindl Done
Git-Cloning Clone a git repository and import the projects in the workspace File > Import > Git Tom Schindl In Progress (Done but IP not clear yet)
Ant-Editor A specialized XML-Editor for Ant-Files The Ant-Editor Search for Assignee
Better Resource Navigator (BRN) A more feature Rich Navigator something like CNF CNF Search for Assignee
Git Integration into BRN Integration of Git into the the Better Resource Navigator Search for Assignee
Compare Editor An editor to compare versions The compare editor Search for Assignee
Patch apply Applying patches The patch wizard in Search for Assignee
e4ify or de3xify standard dialogs Work on standard dialogs for Resource Selection, ... Some examples Selection-Dialogs Search for Assignee
Build using Ant Executing Ant-Scripts for building and interactive launching Search for Assignee
File search Add some file search feature Search for Assignee
Outline View Allow Editors to show additional informations on the right Tom Schindl Done

How to contribute

  • Download the (4.0 SDK)
  • Install the Model-Tooling coming with the "" (the p2 repo can be found on the e4 download page) Simple ide install.png
  • Checkout the source from CVS using the simpleIde.psf

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