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Draft Build Specification

Higgins download page requirements:

  • 1)An automated build script for each separate component in the Component Inventory The build script should execute on and create its own separate sections on the download page(s). Each element in the Component Inventory needs to be automatically built (with javadoc) and automatically tested in three variants (daily, stable and release.) Multiple build targets, where applicable are also specified on the Component Inventory. Note, for components with multiple instances (E.g. Context Provider plugins, or I-Card Provider plugins, or Token Provider plugins) there need to be separate build scripts for each one, and a separate place on the downloads page.
  • 2)Version numbers should match the milestone (currently M0.6).
  • 3)The .psf files (one for each Higgins component) also need to be made available.
  • 4)A folder structure for the downloads. There are two types of folders in the Higgins downloads structure: "leaf" for each core "singleton" component and "node" for each non-singleton component (including our main downloads page).

Example folder structures:

  • downloads - root downloads folder - node
  • idas - idas downloads folder -leaf
  • contextProviders - context providers downloads folder - node
  • jena - downloads folder for jena based provider - leaf
  • xx - downloads folder for xx provider - leaf
  • hbx - hbx downloads folder - leaf

Each "node" downloads folder (including root downloads folder) will contain a similar index.php which will look in the subfolders. Each "leaf" folder (idas, jena, hbx) will contain build results for that "leaf" component. A separate .php file will be generated by each particular build script.

  • 5) Initially builds will only be available as Java Eclipse plugins.

In the long term we also plan to support the following three package managers:

  • RPM & Debian (for Suse, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu)
  • OSX
  • Windows

The download pages need to make it clear what processors the binaries are for. (Note Eclipse said that they are working on automated build scripts for the Eclipse IDE to target RPM and Debian package managers.)

Next action items:

  • Create and review a template for the downloads page with dummy content.
  • Determine the target CPU list (x86, plus others TBD.)
  • Create a build script for org.eclipse.higgins.idas.
  • Create a build script for HBX. HBX needs to be on its own separate download page as there will be many end users who will only need this piece. This page needs to be understandable by someone who is not an Eclipse engineer. There should be a link to this page from the main downloads page.
  • Create a build script for Jena/HSQLDB Provider.
  • Create build scripts for additional components as they are added.

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