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Dirigible/Meeting minutes/20170823

Participants Yordan, Svetlin, Dragomir, Adriana

New features update


  • Minor fixes


  • JavaScript Java API - AtomicLong to be used instead of UUID generation
  • JavaScript Java API - JavaScript Proxy to be used (see and
  • JavaScript Java API - refactoring (engine polymorphism)
  • Some kind of "Gamification" (some kind of Application?) to be applied (in Universities, GeekyCamps, Conferences, etc.) for Social Media Pages Likes/Follows
  • Poll to be supplied for "most liked features, use cases, open answers, etc" in the Social Medias
  • OpenFest conference session topic(s) - (e.g. IoT Application w/ Dirigible, Dirigible/DirigibleLabs Open Source Contribution)



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