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Dirigible/Meeting minutes/20160706


Rositsa, Yordan, Viktor, Hristo

IP related - fixed.

New features update


  • Minor fixes


  • Improvements of the site:
    • h1 tag on each page for better introduction of the context of the page and higher score in google searches.
    • design related issues
    • less blog posts to be shown on the landing page
    • design alignment of the sub sites (/api, /blog, /help, ...) with the landing page
    • more marketing related blogs (how working on open source projects develops my personal/technical skills, ...)
  • WebIDE improvements:
    • Flexibility of IDE theming (dark theme, ...), like the Eclipse IDE
    • [BUG] Only 2 perspectives are available at the same time (others ... is disappearing)

Feeback Since my first interaction with the Eclipse Dirigible project I was in love with the idea behind it. It seems to be a very robust and reliable platform. At first glance, the site looks clean and simple. The various choice of IDE’s was again something I liked. The ability to develop both on server and client side is very useful in various cases. I have tried testing only simple code in the web development platform and it worked well, despite I struggled to find how to compile it, which is a big flaw for an IDE. Creating and arranging files was also a bit laggy. Typing was supported well, but automatic code recognition and suggestions were tools definitely missing in Dirigible. My overall impression for Eclipse Dirigible is positive and on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 7. Despite being well supported and mostly robust Dirigible still needs speed improvements and new tools. – Konstantin Simeonov


  • "Run" button in the samples page - in progress
  • "API" button in the samples page - in progress



  • EclipseCon EU 2016 participation - in progress.

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