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Dirigible/Meeting minutes/20151209

Participants Tsvetan, Dobromir, Dimitar, Nedelcho, Martin, Pavel, Georgi

IP related

  • New CQs approved

New features update

  • NoSQL Datasources support



  • NoSQL support - custom language depending of the underlying database - MongoDB, OrientDB, etc.
  • Query string escaping?
  • MongoDB JDBC Driver introduced - to be used as a standard channel for remote communication
  • Possible casting to the Native objects in using JDBC Driver
  • Tinkerpop, Gremlin, SPARQL, etc. standard to be used vs. Specific? -
  • Dirigible in Context of Cloud aspects - Scalability, HA, DR, DevOps, Microservices, etc.
  • Dirigible in Context of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS - CloudFoundry, OpenShift, HCP



  • Continued preparations for Dirigible Summit 2015


  • Idea to establish Hackathon on OpenData with students

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