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Dirigible/Meeting minutes/20150731

Participants Yordan, Svetlin, Martin, Dimitar, Georgi, Nedelcho, Snezhi

New features update

  • Messaging Hub Service - initial contribution
  • Data as a Service functionality (Import/Export in *.dsv) - initial contribution
  • Import project at Runtime functionality (from ZIP only as of now, next Git support)
  • Orion Editor update to Orion 9 (including code completion for JavaScript)
    • predefined injected objects metadata to be included as tern.js modules - ongoing


  • New server request for to host - 472583 - done

Under discussion

  • Blog place github ( vs blogger
  • DevOps story with Dirigible to be blogged out
  • Description about meaning, focus and usage of Injected API Objects

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