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Development Resources/Quick Start -- Contributing Project Code

Want to contribute code to an Eclipse project? Awesome!

This is what you'll need to know from the Eclipse Foundation's perspective

You should be familiar with the following documents in principle:

Main Points @ Eclipse

  • All Eclipse projects must abide by the EDP and IP Due Diligence processes.
  • Contributors must sign the Eclipse CLA.
  • Contributors must sign-off on their contributions via the Certificate of Origin (CoO).
  • Current project committers handle code review and process to accept contribution.

Project Specific

  • You'll need to become familiar with the specific projects workflow you plan to contribute to.
    • Find the project on the Eclipse projects site.
      • Find project specific details under the tab "Developer Resources".
  • Reach out to the project on its mailing lists.
    • You'll find these under the "Contact Us" tab of the projects page.

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