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Dali New And Noteworthy 0.5

Pre-milestone functionality

  • Supported Annotations (configurable through UI)
    • Basic
    • Column
    • Embeddable
    • Embedded
    • Entity
    • GeneratedValue
    • Id
    • JoinColumn
    • ManyToOne
    • MappedSuperclass
    • OneToMany
    • OneToOne
    • Table
    • TableGenerator
    • Transient
  • Entity Defaults assistance
    • Ability to see what the default selection is for a given value
  • Entity Validation
    • Entity compliance problems(example - No Id defined)
    • Defaults based problems(example - default column name is not on the table defined by the entity)

M1 Iteration 1

  • Basic support for ManyToMany mapping - does not support multiple JoinColumns
  • Support for SequenceGenerator and TableGenerator
  • Support for Version annotation
  • Support for AttributeOverrides in Entities and Embeddeds
  • Utilization of Generics information in mapping info
  • Ability to specify any DB Schema to map to from your chosen connection
  • Unified on the PFD version of the spec (with exception of a name change for GeneratorType to GenerationType; this will be fixed in an early M1I2 build)
    • Among other things, this accounts for the removal of AccessType from the annotation based definition- AccessType is now determined by where applicable annotations are placed.
  • String based OrderBy support

M1 (Iteration 2)

  • Basic support for Entity generation from Tables (Reverse Engineering)
    • Does not yet support generation of 1-M or M-M associations; this is scheduled for phase 2 in M2
  • DDL Generation from Entities (Forward Engineering)
  • Bug fixes and various minor enhancements


  • Entity generation from Tables – phase 2 (supports 1-M, M-1, M-M, Java code conventions)
  • Multiple JoinColumns support for relationship mappings
  • Embedded, Context sensitive help - Dali User Guide
  • Now building against WTP 1.5M6


  • persistence.xml
    • When adding the Java Persistence capability to a Java Project, you can optionally have a persistence.xml created.
    • Schema validation and application validation is performed on the persistence.xml
    • Right-click on the persistence.xml to synchronize the defined classes available in your project. This functionality will create a "class" element for every Entity defined in the project.
  • Inheritance
    • Single Table inheritance can now be fully configured in the UI
    • Joining Table inheritance is partially supported, and will be fully supported in M4.
  • Offline DB support is now compatible with Dali. Using RDB functionality, you can save your DB schema offline and continue to work with Dali as if you were connected.


  • Joined Table inheritance support now included
  • Refactoring is now gracefully handled, allowing the user to refactor without problem in the Dali UI.
  • PK Generation support has been enhanced to allow for easier selection of generation options and values.
  • Temporal annotation support has been added for applicable mappings
  • Entity Generation now generates EmbeddedId's
  • Problem support has been added to EmbeddedId's
  • "Read Only" support for mapppings (insertable and updateable configuration) is now in the UI
  • Integration enhancements made for DB connectivity to provide easier connection options. We are also more aware of the state of the connection.

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