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eRCP Developer's Getting Started

CVS Structure



Any recent Eclipse version will be sufficient. Currently testing can be done only on Windows, because eSWT exist only for this platform, however, if you do test on different platform than your development one, you can develop with any other Eclipse supported platform.

Workspace Setup

eRCP is based on RCP - the underlying Eclipse Platform is the same. org.eclipse.equinox.registry, and some others bundles are reused. Any change to them should be synchronized with the Platform team and any effort should be sent back if possible. eRCP project syncs them in the CVS after each release of the platform. This way, synchronization with the Eclipse Platform is made easier. You can find the sources of the bundles used in eRCP in CVS - all bundles that doesn't have 'ercp' package in their names.

The fastest way to setup your environment for eRCP development is to:

Follow these instructions to check out
  • Checkout the following projects from org.eclipse.ercp module:
    • org.eclipse.ercp.eworkbench - the default eWorkbench, the container for the applications
    • org.eclipse.ercp.jface - eJFace implementation
    • org.eclipse.ercp.ui - the eRCP's version of org.eclipse.ui bundle. Serves as a central point for UI development. Used for compatibility with RCP
    • org.eclipse.ercp.ui.workbench - a stripped down version of the RCP's workbench. Inapplicable for small devices features are removed.
    • org.eclipse.ercp.update - Application Manager application replacing the Eclipse's Update Manager
    • org.eclipse.ercp.xml - microXML implementation
    • org.eclipse.ercp.xmlParserAPIs - the fragment providing the XML APIs on VM, which doesn't export them by default. You can skip it, if you don't need the XML sources.

You are ready to go. To launch your development environment all you have to do is to is create new Eclipse Application configuration and select to run org.eclipse.ercp.eworkbench.eWorkbench application. Note: On Windows platform only.

The limitation, this way, is that you won't have the sources of the bundles. No problem, just checkout the bundles, you are interested in, from the eRCP CVS - they will automatically replace those from the Target Platform.

If you have any problems with compiling the source code, you can always find help on our mail list.

Setup for eSWT development


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