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DSDP/Packaging/Meetings/Mar 18 2008 EclipseCon BoF

Raw Notes from EclipseCon 2008 DSDP BoF

Original Invitation

  • Introduction to the projects
  • EPP or some other package
    • What should we choose?
    • Who should we target?
  • Bob Frankel: Target Universities with packages.
  • QEMU, GNU, Linux kernel
  • What should go into the package?
  • "Embedded Software Foundation"
  • Doug G commented on making embedded very strong in Eclipse.
  • Why aren't there more embedded folks at EclipseCon?
  • Some discussion about ESC
  • What should a vendor be motivated to create such a package?
    • Target Universities
    • Teaching embedded
    • Delivery platform upon which commercial tools are built.
  • Dynamic package
    • Embedded for Java
    • Embedded for C++
    • etc.
  • University outreach for embedded?
  • Packing again - what should be in there?
    • QEMU, Android, GNU
    • Bundle vendor reference implementations and emulators
    • TCF if it's a native platform
    • Embedded Linux (Code Sourcery)
    • CDT
    • DSDP projects
    • MWT libraries
    • Mylyn
    • Subversive client
    • TPTP, but maybe not ready?
    • Other options: example code, libraries, example projects
  • Do we want 1 giant download with install options or separate packages?
  • Which host platforms?
    • All of them!
  • OOB experience is important
    • We can't just dump everything into the install.
    • We need persona-based installs.
  • Could use Yoxos or Pulse guys to build this package.

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