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Codewind GitHub Workflows

Follow these instructions to make contributions to Eclipse Codewind.

Signing the ECA

Before you can contribute to any Eclipse project, you need to sign the Eclipse Contributor Agreement (ECA).

  1. To verify that you signed the ECA, sign in to your Eclipse account.
  2. View your Status and make sure that a check mark appears with the Eclipse Contributor Agreement.
  3. If the check mark does not appear, click the Eclipse Contributor Agreement in the Status box to go to the agreement that you need to sign.
  4. Fill out the form and click the Accept button.

Associating your Eclipse profile with your GitHub ID

  1. From your Eclipse account, select Edit Profile.
  2. On the Personal Information tab, go to the Social Media Links section and add your GitHub user name to the GitHub Username field.
  3. Answer the Have you changed employers question
  4. Enter your Eclipse password in the Current password field and then click Save.

Creating or finding an issue

Codewind uses GitHub for issues and source control. To make a contribution, locate an issue that is currently open and relevant to your contribution. If you can't find an open issue that's relevant, open a new issue.

List of Codewind repositories

The following links point to repositories that are included in the Codewind project:

Git or Gerrit?

The Codewind project uses Git instead of Gerrit for the code review process. Most of the Eclipse development documentation related to code review has instructions related to both Git and Gerrit. Refer to the Git section for the Codewind project.

Setup Git Environment

Follow this doc to setup your Codewind Git repository before submitting a pull request: Setup Git Environment for Codewind Development

Making a pull request

Refer to the following instructions that are relevant to Codewind:

  1. Before submitting a pull request, complete the Signing the ECA instructions.
  2. Issue a standard GitHub pull request.
  3. Ensure that you have an ECA and that you add a sign-off statement to the commit record before you issue the request. For more information, see The Commit Record. Both VS Code and Eclipse have options for automatically signing-off commits.

See Development Resources/Contributing via Git for full documentation on contributing code.

The committer reviews and accepts the request

Refer to the following instructions that are relevant to Codewind:

See Development Resources/Handling Git Contributions for full documentation on handling code contributing by committer.

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